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What is a Slip Leash?

Are Slip Leashes Right For My Dog?

As a dog trainer and retired police K9 handler, one of the things I learned very early in my career, is that you can never have too many tools in your tool box. As recently as this week, I used a piece of equipment to train a protection dog that has sat in my garage for more than 7 years untouched. But, for the dog I am training, it was the right tool to use. Slip leashes are a similar tool, in that they can be a fantastic training aids for a variety of dogs.

What is a slip leash?

If you’re unfamiliar with what a slip leash is, let’s take a minute to define and describe what it is, and how it is used. A slip leash essentially combines a collar and leash into a single piece of equipment. The handler of the dog makes a loop with the leash, and fits it on the dog’s neck where a collar would normally be. The leash can be

cinched down to fit the dog’s neck with a stopper that slides along the leash to create a perfect fit for any size dog, and prevents the loop from opening wider and the dog being able to escape the slip leash. For a visual example of how a slip leash works, check out the bottom of our home page to see it in action.

Why use a slip leash?

One of the most common questions I hear from pet owners is, “how do I get my dog to stop pulling me on a walk?” Slip leashes definitely help with this, as they naturally tighten as the dog pulls harder. Self discovery is a wonderful way to learn, and from personal experience, dogs that pull on the leash discover that by doing so, they actually create discomfort with a tighter leash, however, when they stop pulling, the leash naturally relaxes to it’s former pre set position. Slip leashes provide a natural consequence for unwanted behavior like pulling on a walk, and can also be used to give a correction from the handler with a quick pop of the wrist to give a tightening collar reminder to the dog.

Are slip leashes humane?

Just like any tool that you use in your daily life (knives, power tools, and automobiles), a slip leash is a perfectly safe training tool for your dog in the right hands. It is important to use slip leashes appropriately and understand that dog’s need to be conditioned to understand the equipment we are using. If you are unsure of how to use any type of training tool with your dog, I recommend seeking out a balanced dog trainer in your area.

Why do trainers use slip leashes?

Not only are slip leashes a highly effective tool for dog training, but they offer something that trainers love and no other tool can replicate. They are a one size fit all tool which is a trainers dream. Trainers don’t have to carry a collar and leash for each dog they are training throughout the day, they can literally use on slip leash to train as many dogs as they have in their care. At slip leashes dot com, the majority of our customers are trainers who buy our product to either use in their training, or pass on to their clients. If dog trainers all over the U.S. are using this tool, that’s probably a good indication that it’s right for you and your dog.

What makes slip leashes from slip leashes dot com the best?

As with everything that we make, we try and deliver a product that not only is the best version, but also the highest quality. While slip leashes have been in use for decades, we spent months researching and developing what we feel is the best slip leash on the market. Paracord is known for its strength and durability and people

love the feel of it in their hands. We use 1/4 inch thick Paracord with a break strength that has a break strength over 1000 lbs. Paracord comes in a variety of colors that fit every dog and handler’s personality. We use a stopper that slides easily for adjustment but also locks in position when you set it in place. The sewing points are sealed in a marine grade, extra thick heat shrink that finishes the slip leash perfectly. Our standard length is 5 feet which is the ideal length for most trainers and dog owners. We have received nothing but raving reviews about our slip leashes and we love to make them, but really love to see them on your pets, and see trainers using them to help dogs.

About the author: Josh Kirby is a retired police officer who spent the majority of his career as a police K-9 handler and trainer. Josh has decoyed for police and personal protection dogs since 2003 and is a decoy for the K9 sport “Protection Sports Association” in which he has been selected as a national select decoy several times and is the current secretary of decoys for the sport.

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