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I Am Not a Dog Trainer

I've shared a little about myself on other social media platforms but not officially here. Is it important for you to know the person behind the product or company? For me, i don’t think I seek out this information but I do love to know if you’re sharing.

It’s like when I’m watching a sporting event…I’m 1000% more involved when they tell me something personal about the players. I’ll be the biggest fan once I know something about “the person”. It's the personal, relational side of me that connects. I love to know the who, the why and all their details. So just spill the

Of course, I understand that there’s the other side that just doesn’t need to know or care to know. They are like who cares, just make a good product, play the game and be good at what you do. I get that too. So I’m here for BOTH.

I like to know people, so I’m going to share a little of me with you BUT I’m ALSO going make you a great product that you’ll keep coming back for.

Would you be surprised to know that I am not a dog trainer? Well, I am not. This actually bothered me A LOT when I first started this company. I felt like I should be an EXPERT in the field I’m providing tools for and because I am no where near an expert I felt as though I couldn’t provide the right customer service.

But here’s what I’ve learned about myself and my company in last 8 months, I DO NOT need to be an expert dog trainer in the field to build, create and support the expert dog trainers that are out there. AND let me just say, there are some truly incredible dog trainers out there. I DO need to listen and learn from the trainers and the people in the field. This is how I become a better producer of the product and I am able to provide the correct, quality tools needed for the job.

I AM NOT A DOG TRAINER. I am the client. Although I’m not a dog trainer I’m married to a great one and feel like I’ve seen, heard and watched a lot that helps me to identify between a good and a bad trainer. I’m the client that is a sponge willing to learn everything that I can to be better and do better. I am the client that needs things to be broken down in simple terms, I need to be reminded and hand held until I’m the confident leader the trainer and my dog needs me to be. Oh and just to be clear, I have no desire to be a dog trainer but I do love and admire the work that they do. My passion is building, creating, designing and making. I’ll continue to make the products that the incredible dog trainers count on.

I am a retired teacher. I’ve taught almost ALL elementary grades for 20 years. I loved every minute of it until I didn’t and then I retired. I’m passionate about learning and truly believe no matter what you’re doing in life you should be a lifelong learner. When your mind is willing and open to learn new things and you recognize that there is always something new to learn the world is truly a better place

I applaud dog trainers, their passion, compassion and willingness to learn. I observe this with the great dog trainers. They do not have canned training. They have things that work but can quickly adjust when and if needed. Every dog, family and situation is different. Therefore I’ve noticed that the great dog trainers adapt to the dog and situation in front of them. Not much different than the great teachers in school. Great teachers do not have canned lessons, they have things they’ve learned and know what works but can quickly adjust to the student in front of them.

Whether you’re the relational type or just make a good product type I appreciate your business. I look forward to sharing Slip Leashes journey with you, little pieces of me, the phenomenal dog trainers out there and a truly great product.

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1 Comment

Ryly Mitchell
Ryly Mitchell
Mar 20, 2023

do you think that you should begin doing collar only leashes, just the slip collar part. i owuld love if you created collar and leashes seprately

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