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Every Dog Every Trainer

Did you know that I have a build your own slip option on the website now? It's true, I do. It's like BUILD A BEAR but a slip leash.

You basically start with the basics and add the things you need or want....OR what it really boils down to is "what your dog needs". You have the option to add length, clips, rings and handles.

As Slip Leashes continues to grow and trainers continue to reach out to me with new ideas, needs and wants, I will modify and add to better help and provide for them. Trainers are amazing! - And just like any profession there are different tools for different situations.

I will continue to listen to trainers, take notes when they message me and try to create a space where they can easily go and get what they need or want.

So keep reaching out, making suggestions, asking for things that are on the secret menu. I'm listening and ready to have what trainers need.

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