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How to Use a Slip Leash

If you’ve never used a slip leash, it can seem like a confusing piece of equipment. The truth is, slip leashes are one of the most versatile tools you can use with your dog. Slip leashes solve so many problems for the average pet owner and feel great in your hand.

Setting up the Slip Leash

Which side your dog heels on will depend on how you will need to set your slip leash up for best success. If your dog heels on your left side, stand next to your dog and open up the collar end of the leash to form the letter “p” then slip the leash over your dog’s head. If your dog heels on your right side, stand next to your dog and open up the collar end of the leash to form the number “9” then slip the leash over your dog’s head. Setting the leash up in this manner allows the freest movement of the leash and allows the leash to pass through the loop without an obstruction.

Fitting the Slip Leash

Now that the slip leash is on your dog, the best position for the slip leash is up high on the dog’s neck directly behind the ears. Once the leash is in position, use the stopper to slide down the leash toward the collar end of the leash. Push the stopper all the way to the collar at the dog’s neck. By doing so, the stopper keeps the collar portion of the leash from opening up and becoming loose on the dog’s neck. The stopper should be tight enough to allow 2-3 fingers under the collar.

Using the Slip Leash

Now that the slip leash is fitted properly and oriented correctly in relation to which side of your body your dog heels, you’re ready to start walking. One of the number one complaints pet owners have, is that their dog pulls them when walking. Ideally, your dog should walk next to you without pulling and with a slip leash, this is very easy to achieve! Start walking with your dog and if the dog starts to pull forward, your slip leash will tighten and cause mild discomfort to the dog. You can also give a slight leash correction by popping your wrist as a gentle reminder to your dog not to pull on the leash. Another great way to help train your dog to be aware of where you are and heel next to you is change directions when your dog starts to pull or gets toward the end of the leash. A simple change of direction will make your dog more aware of where you are and help keep them in a comfortable heeling position.

Removing the Slip Leash

When you are done walking with your dog, find the stopper and pull it back toward the handle end of the leash to allow the looped collar to open up wider than your dog’s head. Slip the leash off. Never leave leashes on dog’s when they are crated, loose in a yard or house, or in a kennel run. A loose leash can become snagged which can result in injury to your dog.

Your Favorite Leash

If you’re on the fence about slip leashes, I suggest you give them a try. Our slip leashes are so affordable that most people buy one to try them out and then come back to buy more in different colors. Pet owners love the affordability, versatility, quality, and simplicity of our slip leashes and rave about how good they feel in their hand. The greatest feedback we get, is that pet owners finally feel like they walk their dogs without being pulled around their neighborhood. For us, a better relationship between pets and their owners is the ultimate goal and we are so happy that slip leashes can help with that!

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