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"The Maude" is a 9ft standard slip leash, with a clip in the handle and an extra toggle placed below a floating ring.  This a custom slip leash that was custom made for Jen Bauman, owner and operator of Maude and the Bulldogs, LLC.


Here is what she has to say, "After experimenting with a variety of hands-free leashes, and some trial and erro, I really do love my custom leash the most.  To me, it's the ultimate and easiest, most versatile hands-free option and I love not having to knot it to secure the human loop portion!  Moving the toggle is sleek and easy, even with the mittens on!"


Jen offers boarding, training and teaching.  You could shadow Jen and learn all the ins and outs of the dog training business.  What an amazing opportunity!!  Jen is located in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  Please check out Maude and the Bulldogs for all your training and boarding needs.


The Maude Hands Free Slip Leash 9ft

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