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The Happy Hound


This leash is the ultimate training tool. Comfortable, sleek, versatile and reliable. 
- The hands-free style is reversible and can be used as a slip lead or a standard clip leash!
- The handle has a multi-use clip making this the leash that truly does it all. You can easily tether your dog to your car, table or posts on patios, or other sturdy items for when you're training or just plan to hang out with your dog. You can also use the clip to attach to a prong, martingale, gentle lead, etc.
- Among everything else, this leash can be used as a long line for training or unstructured walks.

-This is a 10ft standard slip leash with a clip in the handle.


This is the recommended custom slip for The Happy Hound trainer, Sami.  Sami deals in issues across the board from basic obedience to reactivity to severe aggression/anxiety. Please reach out to Sami for your training needs.  She offers private lessons, evaluations, group lessons and board and trains. 



The Happy Hound Hands-Free 10ft

Slip Leash Color
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