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The Actualized Slip Leash is a 10ft customized slip with a clip, a floating ring, double stoppers and an extra clip in the handle. Kourtni from The Actualized Canine customized the perfect leash for The Actualized Owner.  Here is what Kourtni has to say about her customization:


The leash handle has a spare clip to easily tether your dog to your car at parks, trailheads, or campsites to prevent unwanted interactions, chasing wildlife, and keep them safe from traffic.
- The clip on the dog-end of the leash can be hooked on to the floating ring to prevent pinched hair with long-haired dogs, on to the leash, or 
on to a prong or flat collar.
- The leash can be used as a long line for practicing recall or for unstructured walks or looped around your body as a hands-free leash.
- An extra toggle is added for comfort to keep the body loop from cinching closed.


Kourtni is located in Grand Junction, Colorado and would be a valuable resource for any dog owner.  Please check out The Actualized Canine and reach out to Kourtni if you are in the Grand Junction area.


The Actualized Slip Leash

Slip Leash Color
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