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Nick Corey of Canine Connoisseur has designed his perfect custom slip leash.  Nick prefers a ring on his slip leash when working with certain long haired dogs, he says this allows the leash to move more freely and not tangle in the dog's long hair. He loves the clip on the handle for a variety of reasons.  He can tether the dog with the clip, wear the slip leash when not in use or use the clip to the collar like a normal leash when needed. See his video for demonstration of uses.  Nicholas has created a slip leash to meet a variety of needs. 


This slip leash is a standard 5ft, with ring in the slip and a clip added to the handle. If you prefere another length, you can use our BUILD YOUR OWN, just make sure to add a floating ring BUT add in the notes "use ring for slip".


If you are in the Marion, Indiana area and need a dog trainer please reach out to Nick at Canine Connoisseur.

Canine Connoisseur Slip Leash

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