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The world's best slip leashes

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Handmade in the USA

All Orders Ship Within 1-2 Business Days. Custom and Large Bulk Orders Ship Within 3-4 Business Days.

Teal Slip Leash slip lead for walking dog
The best slip leash you'll ever use. Easy to slide on, with a stopper that stays in place.
Custom Slip Leash to build your own.JPG
Tailor your slip leash design how YOU want it. Select slip, slip with a clip, length, color, o-ring, handle, and seal color.
Pink slip lead for dog training.jpg
Just like our popular slip leash, but with a clip on the end to use as a regular leash or slip leash.
Bulk Slip Leads wholesale prices for trainers.JPG
If you run a business and use slip leashes for your clients, we offer discounted prices in bulk packages.

Why use a slip leash?

Slip leashes are fantastic tools that makes life easier for any trainer who works with multiple dogs. Slip leashes are a one size fits all leash / collar system that can be interchanged between dogs. Our slip leashes are made from 1/4 inch paracord and use a stopper to adjust the size of the collar portion and secure it in place. Our slip leashes are extremely strong and have a 1000lb strength test rating.


Finally, a one size fit all collar and leash!

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